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Would you take Hernandez back?
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15 May 2017 23:07
I honestly would. There have been a few rumours that Jose is thinking of bringing him back to OT, and he already stated he wouldn;t have sold him. Sure he's not going to start every week, but I bet he would still jump at the chance to come back. He loved the club and I think it broke his heart when he left.
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16 May 2017 20:57
I'm not sure on this one. Dont get me wrong, I loved him when he was here, and he's a cracking little striker, but I dont think you should ever go back. That said, we'd probably have more points if he was still here He certainly wouldn't have missed some of the sitters we have this season.
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17 May 2017 21:27
No. It would send the wrong message. We already brought Pogba back at considerable cost, it's possible we will do the same with Michael Keane this summer, although we wont take quite the same kind of financial hit. Chicharito would cost more than double the £7m we sold him for, and he's not far off 30 now. Time to move on from the Fergie era.

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