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Cant wait for this season to be over
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14 May 2017 22:49
Anyone else feel like this? I want us to win the Europa League final obviously, but todays game was basically two teams with nothing to play for. Spurs cant win the title, we cant finish in the top four. The next two league games will be exactly the same. Only bright point was how dangerous Martial looked, could be a valuable asset in Stockholm, especially of he plays like that.
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15 May 2017 23:01
Yeah without a doubt. I normally never miss a United game, but I dont think I'll even be watching the last two league games. Playing football Wednesday and I'll be coming back from Blackpool on Sunday. It's not been great all season, but the Spurs game had all the intensity of a pre-season friendly. I agree about Martial though. If he can find some real form in time for the Europa League final, that would be fantastic.
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17 May 2017 21:31
I just want it to be next Wednesday, and whatever happens we can draw a line under this season. Granted, having won the EFL Cup, and making the Europa final would be seen as the greatest season ever for some clubs, and it would be a great way to qualify for the Champions League by winning the only trophy we haven't previously won. BUt our club expects more, and rightly so given what we have spent over the last few years.

For me, this season was a freebie for Jose, as he has a squad littered with bang-average players. He needs to replace some of the shit with quality next season.

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