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GeneHunt 30/08/15 12:31

I remember that game against Liverpool, he looked like he was going to become top drawer. Must have been hard for some of the players that came through the youth team in Fergies early years, the ones that didn't make it big watching the ones who did. No wonder he struggled to deal with life after football, watching what the likes of Beckham and Giggs and acheived and thinking "that could have been me".

Danny 30/08/15 13:37

Never heard of him, cant have been that good.

FrankMead 31/08/15 17:38

Danny I get the impression you only started following United when we started winning things, so that's probably why you never heard of him. Anyway, he proved nothing more than a flash in the pan, like Luke Chadwick. Talented player, but not top drawer. When a player leaves United, if they are good, then a top flight club will usually come in for them.

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